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Which Career in Cosmetology is Your Dream Job? Take Our Quiz!

Jul 17 2017

Have you been dreaming of a career in beauty? We understand that feeling. With all the amazing careers in the beauty industry, you might not know which one is the right fit for you. Take our quiz to find out which job is your dream career, and then check out our Cosmetology program to find…

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Who is Beauty School For?

May 10 2017

You have been contemplating being a cosmetologist for years. Since the day you “accidentally” cut your younger sister’s hair and tried to blame it on the dog, in fact. It has been a dream that has been heavy in your mind since that fateful day, but now that it is finally here and you are…

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What Can You Do With an Esthetician’s License in Oklahoma

May 08 2017

If you are thinking of pursuing an esthetics license in Oklahoma, you are probably wondering what you can do once you have sat for the state boards and have that shiny license in hand. The answer is easy: a lot more than you think. A quick online search found over 200 job listings for estheticians…

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Cosmetology: The Perfect Career for Moms

Jan 06 2017

Being a mom is a job in and of itself. Adding a full-time job to the equation seems nearly impossible. Between the soccer practices, theater rehearsals, and the dreaded parent/teacher conferences, where is the time for a career? We admire that moms always seem to put their children first, but we think it’s possible to…

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